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We’ve spent the last 15 years teaching both group and private swim lessons. We intimately understand the need for fresh new ideas, and have created the following lesson plans to accommodate your desire for a better program.

Do your instructors lack guidance?

Do they “wing it” or teach “off the cuff?”

Our lesson plans are written by our professional staff and designed by graphic designers to maximize readability and comprehension.

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Drills and Skills

Practice ideas, drills for each competitive stroke, ideas for all levels of swimming.

Swimming Lessons Games, articles, activities, and ideas

We have a wide range of games to play, songs to sing, and things to do for all of your lesson plans. Check some of the latest posts from our blog for more info.


Swim Lesson Plan – Level 2

Swim lesson plan for beginner swimmers. The best way to teach young swimmers is through repetition. Most children (literally almost ALL) are unable to physiologically complete most of the fine motor movements that swimming requires. Children are physically UNABLE to...

Swim Drill – Breaststroke Under Lane Lines

Swim Drill – Breaststroke Under Lane Lines Need a great drill for your advanced swimmers for Breaststroke? This is an excellent drill to focus on getting into the Line, or completing the kick and extending into streamline. Breaststroke Drill Under Lane Lines...

Swim Game – Driving the Stake

You’ll need a deep pool to play this game! Have your swimmers find a partner. One swimmer gets in as straight as a body position as possible, hands at sides, feet together, and head in line with the spine (basically streamline with hands at hips). The partner...

Swim Game – Choice Grid

Use your chalkboard, whiteboard, or poster and create a grid on it.   Activity 13x streamline + 3 strokes Free Activity 23x streamline + 2 fly strokes no kick Activity 33x streamline + 3 BK strokes Activity 43x streamline + 2 BR strokes 10 Flips 10 Handstands 10...


Go underwater repeatedly. Blow bubbles underwater. Breathe in above water. Beginner: go up to lips. Intermediate: go underwater up to nose. Advanced: Go underwater completely Like this:Like...

Hokey Pokey

Child held by parent facing inside of circle. Parent holding child facing away from chest, or in the saddle (child legs around one of parent’s hips to the side). Create circle of parents and instructor. Sing: “You put your [right leg] in, You put your...

Front Crawl Arms

Child held by parent. Parent holding child in FRONT GLIDE position. Parent uses one hand to hold child up by holding chest with palm up. Parent uses other hand to grab child’s arm and move it in a circle. Parent switches hands and alternates child’s arms....

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