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Freestyle Kick Drill - Motorcycle Noodle

Freestyle Kick Drill – Motorcycle from Teresa AZ

Swim lessons overall are pretty easy. Put your face in and move your arms and legs to make you move....

Training Module- Going Underwater

Training Module: Going Underwater

Download the PDF handout and guide here:  Training: Going Underwater Key Points: Offer excessively multiple opportunities to go underwater Instructor...

Swimming Ideas Podcast 052-

SIP 052: Swimming is a habit

  How to Build a New Habit: This is Your Strategy Guide http://99u.com/articles/17123/5-scientific-ways-to-build-habits-that-stick   18 Tricks to Make New Habits...

Swimming Game - Statue Master

Swimming Game – Statue Master

Category: Personal Challenge (in groups) Core Skill: Body position, body control, mimicking Name: Statue Master   Statue master is an interesting game that...

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