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Swimming Lessons Ideas

Find fun and productive swimming games, songs, activities, and guides. 


We want to teach you and your staff how to teach a bursting sardine can lesson full of awesome skill goodness. Follow our custom made swim lessons plans that gently progress a swimmer from going underwater to doing flip turns. 

Take advantage of the visual swim skill sheets to give a picture based demonstration of each major beginning swim skill; from streamline to breaststroke.

We learn best when we’re engaged and having fun. Playing games during swimming lessons is a great way to focus in on the 15 essential swim skills.  

Learn how to create your own awesome games on the fly from this quick book.


What are people saying?

Real words from real customers!
  • “I have been having lots of fun with the kids using your resource. They love the games and I throw in a few I have been using at the Y too. The key is using games to assist in the progression of their skills.” .
  • Hi I do private swimming lessons in my back yard… I don’t have many issues. I enjoy your suggestions and ideas! .
  • I absolutely love not only the amazing SLI training workbook you so generously made available to us for free but your whole website. As you have commented before there are so little resources available to help us be the best instructors we can be. I am in Perth, Western Australia and have been an instructor for only a year now but love my job and am passionate about not only educating and teaching the kids to swim but also be safe and enjoy their lessons as much as I do. Thank you so very much.
  • Thank you very much this is going to help me and the kiddies a lot. I learnt how to swim freestyle through reading a book a few years ago then the next year swam a 3.8k for a Ironman. I have just started teaching kiddies how to swim but I had never learnt any other stroke, so this book is very easy to follow, I used a section today and it was different and simple for myself and the kiddies to follow and overall the children showed progress! .
  • I have finally had time to sit and read through some of these emails. I only teach private lessons in summer since my kids are home for the summer, but in the fall, I'm gearing up again to teach group lessons. I would love to see our program develop into more. Thanks again for all the resources you provide! Haven't been able to find anything else online like your site.


Download our lesson plans and our skill sheets. 


Get results: find ideas, improve yourself, and train your staff

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You have swim lessons. You have a large staff that needs training and direction.

Save time and money by giving them the tools they can use to succeed quickly.


We have games.

There are songs with lyrics and instructions.

We have lesson plans you laminate and use in the water.

There are swim skill sheets for participants and instructors.


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