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SIP 041: Underwater First

Make an effort to go underwater with participants on every Level 1 activity.   Level 1 and Parent Tot.   Our primary focus is going underwater.   When you can go underwater then you can do everything.   The only thing you can do without going underwater is supported activities (being physically held up at […]

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SIP 040: Multiple levels in the same class?

  Can you teach level 2 and level 3 in the same class? What about 1 and 2?   We go into some in-depth discussion on what each level requirements are, and how you can integrate them into one class.   Is it ideal?   Why even have levels in the first place?   Example […]

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SIP 039: Revisiting Position 11

How we use it in swim lessons and how we use it at swim practice. What is it: Position 11 is: A drill we do to establish a good quality body position and long reach. Something we do every day in every lesson Used in every stroke Looks like this: Go here for a free […]

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SIP 038: 2016 and Language

Using external language to get better results posted an article about External and internal focus for optimal learning.   Basically: external focus is better. Using golf, darts, and balancing a board, researchers have shown that when you focus your attention on doing SOMETHING to something, you get better results.   This […]

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SIP 037: Problem then Solution Conundrum

Motivate your swimmers using this simple tactic Locked doors, headaches, and intellectual need | Affording Play     Mathematics, and how to teach both old and new math, and how to program.   The concept of the “locked door, and the key.” I have a door that is locked. How do I get […]

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SIP 036: 100 Point Game at Swim Practice, Success? or Failure?

You can find the website post about this game here:   We played this game about 10 times in the last few months. I have played it with swimming lessons with more advanced abilities and with our developmental swim team. For our pre-competitive group, who have mostly been swimming on the team for more […]

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SIP 035: What makes a good swim coach?

You can focus on the ‘change mindset’ and foster successful swimmers in the future. Coach I work with talking about job history, philosophy of coaching   Fixed mindset, change mindset   Work hard and you will fail   Coach’s role: games? No. Respect. Yelling doesn’t earn it. Don’t be feared.   Expectation of hard work […]

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Why is meditation so closely linked with water?

SIP 034: Bringing Meditation techniques to swimming

Does meditation have a place in swimming? How did I arrive at it? Podcast: Art of Charm       What exactly am I talking about? Encouraging swimmers to “think” about swimming as they do it Promote “attempts” Promote awareness of what you’re doing, acknowledge difference and attempt change.   How does this […]

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SIP 033: What do you think of “side glide?”

Should we get rid of side glide like sidestroke? Side Glide:   What are the benefits? Are there even good examples of side glide that effectively teach freestyle breathing?   If you can do a streamline, do that first, then roll over on your side, put your top hand on your hip, and stack your […]

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SIP 032: Class setup: Instructor with assistants

What do you do with new staff that have been trained, but still need some practical experience before they start teaching classes on their own?   Do you like the new format of this podcast? Do you like it? Leave an honest review on iTunes, or on this website page.   Step one should be […]

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SIP 031: Does sidestroke deserve to “go away?”

  I can think of three reasons to use sidestroke: Use in lifesaving. Survival swim. A teaching tool to illustrate what NOT to do when teaching breaststroke kick. When you teach swimming lessons we want to make an effort to teach swimming strokes that our participants are going to use. Sidestroke is an archaic swim […]

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SIP 030: Treating your staff as a culture

  You can create a high quality culture at your swim program too.   Everyone is responsible, do not set one person as an outlier. Everyone is accountable. It is a cultural thing. Safety.   How do you create a culture?   Work as equals   Managers help out and “get their hands dirty”   […]

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SIP 029: Using Drills to teach beginners?

Do you use drills in your level one and two swim lessons? If so how do you do it? We look at the key body posture drills and skills for teaching young participants how to start swimming. Beginner drills: Side glide? Has a place when done well: need to have core strength to keep body […]

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SIP 028: What is your first day of swimming lessons workflow?

  Swimming Lessons Ideas Program:   Print out rosters Check existing participant database against current roster Verify level and group Assign to instructor New participants: Interview parents to determine ability level Use age as an indicator (avoid putting 5 year olds with 10) Assign to instructor based on confidence, parent interview, age Observation during the […]

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SIP 027: Do you use social media to promote your swimming lessons?

Twitter Instagram Pinterest Facebook    What are some things to watch out for?  Do not photo requirements  Automatic waiver unless specified  Inappropriate pictures?  Who are you targeting?  What is the purpose of your social media strategy?  Enrollment  Get the word out  Website traffic  Email list  Registration  Who is in charge of your social media accounts? […]

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SIP 026: Using Images to teach swimming

EFFECTIVE TEACHING Giraffe Neck for a long neck Brontosaurus neck for a long neck on freestyle Trampoline Soldiers for bobs Carrot with leaves spinning for breaststroke kick in position 11 Giant toothbrush running in circles being chased by a tiny toothpaste bottle for brushing teeth in morning. Use Images to create memorable associations. Images hold […]

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SIP 025: Purposeful Practice

How to maximize swim instruction Key points: A swimming coach is or should be: Knowledgeable Organized Sympathetic From <> Swimming coaches should be organized and well prepared. Swimming is a sport that depends upon developing a base and following a purposeful progression throughout a season and career. From <> A coach can learn, develop […]

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SIP 024

Why we never let participants struggle to swim   Erodes trust   Not helpful teaching technique   Creates fear and distrust   Positive bank. What hurts you doesn’t make you stronger, just pulls away from your positive bank 🏦   Encouragement and support produces healthy swimming longer term. Be kind and supportive to […]

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