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How to teach Beginners to Flip Turn

Competitive swimming training is usually done in a swim pool, and that means endless laps! Every time we get to the wall, the most efficient and fast way to turn around and continue swimming is the Flip Turn. Lets break it down into 5 steps: The approach The Flip The plant Take-off Streamline What we […]

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Swimming Game – Champion Swimmer

Advanced swimmer game: Have each lane pick one “champion” that will participate. Do not tell the swimmers what stroke or activity they will be doing. After each lane has chosen a Champion, tell them what they will do.  EXAMPLE: Champions must swim a 50 Freestyle with flip turn and correct streamline. If the champion passes […]

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fly undulation

Swim Drill – Butterfly continued with Water Drills

Butterfly continued with Water Drills Head Lead Body Undulation– Arms In the Saddles.  Grow the Neck, keep the ribs down, the bellybutton in and up, and the shoulders away from the ears. Do not kick or use legs.  Press the Lungs slightly down into the water and let the energy flow through the body.  Head […]

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Detailed Infographic

Swim Drill – Butterfly

  Butterfly Butterfly is a Short Axis Stroke and the Power  comes from Rhythm especially Rhythm in Front. We must first establish The Line by making our spine as long as possible.  We then manipulate Posture, Line and Balance slightly above and slightly below the line, manipulating the extended spine by flexing. Caution must be […]

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Swim Drill – Breaststroke drills continued

Breaststroke drills continued Triple Kick – Conditioning Drill! 3 kicks per arm cycle.  Hold Ttfe Line!  Breathe in The Line! Breaststroke Kick on Back – Arms over head, keep hips at The Line and hip angle wide open, drop heels towards the bottom of the pool.  Don’t let knees come out of the water (hips […]

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