You want better lessons and an easier way to train your staff.

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Our goal is to provide simple tools to make your swim program fun and effective.


You will learn how to become a better swim instructor.

Read articles and listen to podcasts where we interview industry professionals. Get fresh ideas from other programs, and learn from unique challenges. Follow guides for better language, effective teaching techniques, and how to run your lessons.

You will be able to train a large staff quickly and effectively to teach swimming well.

Park Districts and large programs usually hire a large untrained young staff every summer. Make that process easier. Give your new instructors easy to follow lesson plans following a simplified level structure that produces results. Not every new teen hire is going to be a phenomenal teacher, but we can raise the minimum by giving them a plan. Use our management guides to make running your program easier too.

You will manage your students quicker and easier

Large swimming populations mean tedium. Hundreds of evaluation forms to fill out, a large staff to manage, and a changing class schedule across multiple locations. Are you frustrated by letting your teenagers come up with a new excel sheet to track swimmer progress every year? You need a simple, easy, accessible tool that lets you track swimmer progress, emails your evaluation forms, and manages make-up lessons. Take attendance every lesson quickly, and give detailed feedback to parents. Our online lesson management is custom built for swim lessons and swim teams.

You will learn fresh ideas

Swimming has a large diverse web of approaches. We explore, test, and learn from others around the world. Listen to interviews with Aquatic Professionals and learn how they solved their problems and what they do really well. Our podcast looks at swim lessons and swim teams with a desire to improve. Join our conversation and learn something new.

Who Contributes?

Jeffrey Napolski started teaching swim lessons when he was 16 at the local outdoor pool. He lifeguarded and taught swim lessons there for the next 7 summers. Jeff’s competitive swimming was only in high school as a junior and senior on the JV team. His best stroke and fastest time were a 100 Back at 1:00:06.

Jeff is a master swim game creator, and claims to have invented “Buckethead the best game ever.” He has been teaching and running swim programs for 20 years, and now works for a USA Swimming club team with Level 4 Club Development. He coaches Developmental swimmers and teaches lessons every week.

In the summers when he is not at a swim meet he vacations with his family in Door County Wisconsin. His favorite fitness activities right now are running, yoga, and biking.

Contact him now: jeff@swimmingideas.com

Twitter: @swimmingideas

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