SIP 097: Training Swim Instructors in person Today we look at the lesson coordinator handbook for finding an effective instruction segment on training swim instructors in person. We will do a brief overview of what’s included in the workbook as well as any discussion on why certain elements are included and what the activity activity discussion format looks like.

Swimming Game – Challenge: Stroke Switch

Name The Stroke Switch Challenge Who Level 4 swimmers who can swim 50 meters of front or back crawl, and have some experience with breaststroke and butterfly. What A personal skill challenge that involves switching strokes. Swimmers must do at least 3 strokes of each of the 4 competitive strokes, Fly, Back, Breast, Free before …

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Fighting Burnout

How to Avoid Burnout as an Aquatic Professional After the Summer If you are an aquatic professional, you know how hectic and rewarding the summer season can be. You get to manage a large and diverse staff, oversee the operations of outdoor pools, and create memorable experiences for your guests. You also face many challenges, …

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Swimming Game – Superhero Glides

Name Superhero Glides Core skill Gliding on the front and back How The instructor stands in the water near the wall and holds a superhero toy or picture. The swimmer stands on the bench and waits for the instructor to show the superhero. The swimmer then leans into the swim instructor’s support and glides on …

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Swimming Game – Glide and Catch

Category: Level 2 – Glides and Crawls Core Skill: Front glide and recover independently Name: Glide and Catch How: The instructor gives the group of 4 or 5 a basket of balls or other floating objects. One swimmer glides on their front as far as they can or to a bench, then recovers to a …

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Swimming Game – Bubble Pop; AI generated

Name: Bubble PopObjective: To teach toddlers how to blow bubbles in the water and control their breath.Materials: A pool noodle or a long inflatable toy.Instructions: Benefits: Source: Conversation with Bing, 8/29/2023(1) 5 fun and easy games that teach your kids how to swim. Learn to Swim games | Videos & descriptions | Games to …

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Swim Lesson Super Powers

Do you want to electrify your swimming lessons? See the spark of pure joy blossom in your swimmer’s eyes?  We can capture lightning in a bottle. We can reproduce delightful laughter and thrilling accomplishment.  We have two “super powers” in our toolbox. And you can use them in your lessons right now!! There is nothing …

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