Training Module: Going Underwater

Download the PDF handout and guide here:[button link=””]Training: Going Underwater[/button] Training: Going Underwater Key Points: Offer excessively multiple opportunities to go underwater Instructor must go underwater first and often. No dry heads. Push the next step of the underwater progression, not 2 steps ahead. Incremental Underwater Progression; all 7 steps. Set up your training Start …

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How to teach swimming lessons – Treading water

This brilliant swim lesson hack, tip, and guide comes from swim instructor Teresa from Arizona. She has been teaching swimming for 10 years and has a wonderful swimming lesson tactic for teaching treading water. I found her description to be excellent; brief, concise, and so obviously awesome it needed to be shared. If you’ve taught …

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Four great games to go underwater

  Swimming lessons start with being able to go underwater. If you don’t go underwater, then you cannot proceed with learning how to move well through the water.  Sometimes it can be difficult to train new staff what to do in their level 1 lessons. In level 1 we focus on going underwater independently. Usually …

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Effective Teaching – Series 3 of 3

Surrounded by indifference? I am so thankful for your attention. I know you have a busy life, especially during the summer when swimming seems to be much more in the forefront of our minds. Thank you for both opening this email, and for your interest in I want swim lessons in general to be …

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Make an ‘attempt,’ do not “try”

The language we use as swim coaches and swim instructors is important. Even subtle language has a profound impact on our participants. I make an effort with every sentence to speak exactly with instruction as literally as possible. Yoda had it right when he says in Star Wars, “Do, or do not. There is no …

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Swim Lesson Guide – Underwater Progression

I created this short, 10 minute training video to supplement the SLI Swim Instructor Training Workbook. This goes along with the first section, Going Underwater. When you teach swimming, sometimes you need a guide to teach going underwater. This is an introductory explanation of the Underwater Progression we use in the SLI swim lesson world. …

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Swim Lesson Toys and Games to play

The toys to buy for your swimming lesson program:
These are the best swimming lesson toys that you can get for your swim lessons or swim lesson program. If you use American Red Cross, Starfish Aquatics, or Swim America, you’ll benefit from any or all of these swim lesson toys. Every game, song, or activity is possible, or made better by using these toys.

Swim Lesson Templates and Plans: Learn How and When to use them and Create your own

Think of a lesson plan for swimming as the roadmap for your instructors to follow. Lesson plans are the guideposts along the path to a successful swim lesson. They help with the class’s flow and skill transitions. With a well written lesson plan you’ll naturally flow from one swimming skill into the next. You’ll gracefully move from underwater activities to glides to arm strokes

Getting Level One in the water

Getting in the water can often be overlooked by most lesson plans and teaching programs. It is generally the first contact that the teacher has with their potentially hesitant participants. We recommend having an established routine. At our pool we have the students come in and go right to their teacher who is waiting on …

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