Training Module – Removing “ok” from your language

Training: Removing “ok” from your language Key Points: This is the one simple fix you can apply to your language to make you a stronger, better teacher. Turn your uncertain requests into direct commands that make swimmers listen. Quick effective action to turn your beginning staff into more confident instructors. Set up your training This training …

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Training Module: Line of Sight

Download the PDF guide and handout here: [button link=””]Download PDF[/button]   Training: Line of Sight Key Points: Keep whole class in front of your face Create clear expectations Guard the leapers going past you Set up your training Start in one large group. Handout a copy of this PDF (found at the top of this …

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Training Module: Going Underwater

Download the PDF handout and guide here:[button link=””]Training: Going Underwater[/button] Training: Going Underwater Key Points: Offer excessively multiple opportunities to go underwater Instructor must go underwater first and often. No dry heads. Push the next step of the underwater progression, not 2 steps ahead. Incremental Underwater Progression; all 7 steps. Set up your training Start …

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