The "spider" puts a foot and hand on each wall in the corner.

Swimming Game – Spider

Game Name: Spider. Skills Developed: Breath control, confidence and swimming under water. This game is meant for private classes that do not have too many learners. There are two roles: one swimmer will act as the web while another acts as the spider. The thing that should act as a pre-requisite for this game is […]

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Beginner swim lesson temp new

Swim Lesson Plan – Beginner Lesson Template

Beginner Swim Lesson Template Use this basic template to get a general idea on what to do. Most swim lessons are focusing on Front crawl (Freestyle), or Back Crawl (Backstroke). While these two skills are primarily done on the surface, a third skill generally termed "Going Underwater" was added. _ Freestyle Activities: Floats Glides Arm [...]
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Swim game - Noodle race

Swimming Game – Noodle Race Partners

This game is good for developmental swim teams, large swim lesson classes, or the more advanced swimmers. You will need: 1 noodle for every 2 participants Have swimmers form pairs or partners Give each pair 1 noodle Both partners are to be on TOP of the noodle in some fashion (some swimmers will straddle the […]

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Rubber duck

Swimming Game – Duck Partner Kick

This is a great game to play with both swim teams and swim lessons. Ideally your swimmers will be able to kick with a kickboard by themselves for more than 4 lengths.   Start at one end of the pool with everyone Have swimmers form partners Give 1 little rubber duck to each group Swimmers […]

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Double Arm Back

Swim Drill – Double Arm BK

A great backstroke drill for beginning and advanced swimmers. Double Arm Backstroke The first stage of this drill is double arm back with underwater recovery. Push off in streamline when at the surface, start with hands in streamline and pull them to your sides While pulling down, focus should be on the fingertips pointing to […]

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underwater fly

Swim Drill – Butterfly – Around the World

Butterfly drill “Around the World” This drill can be done with beginner swimmers or advanced swimmers. It is essentially a core strength building drill.   Beginners:   Begin from the wall Streamline and do 5 fly kicks on stomach go back to the wall streamline and do 5 fly kicks on left side go back […]

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Swim Lesson Plan – Level 2

Swim lesson plan for beginner swimmers. The best way to teach young swimmers is through repetition. Most children (literally almost ALL) are unable to physiologically complete most of the fine motor movements that swimming requires. Children are physically UNABLE to mimic, or do certain things because they haven’t reached that point in their growth yet. […]

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jumping in

Swimming Game – Jumps

Swimming lessons idea game: Jumps This seems like a stupid thing to write about or talk about. Jumps. Really? something that simple?   Yes.   Jumping into the pool w/ assistance or without works on a number of different skills and can be a good gauge of trust and progress. Here are a few: Go […]

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Swim Drill – Fly – Undulate, Pause, Undulate and stroke

Butterfly Drill: Pause, undulate, pause, undulate and stroke. This drill is actually two steps. 1) P+U+P+U/stroke GO SLOW! Do not rush this drill. the Pause (P) is floating on the surface balanced, arms out straight above the shoulders, head in line, looking down. Undulate (U) is a fly body motion. Start with the chest pressing […]

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Keep your legs out behind you near the surface.

Swimming Game – Alligator Walk

Alligator walks are a great thing to do with novice and little swimmers. This game/activity is perfect for swimmers under 6 years old. This swimming lessons game is excellent! This works best in a zero-depth pool (beach like simulated pool). Lay on your belly and use your arms to hold your head above the water. […]

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Swimming Game – Buckethead

This is the best swimming lessons game of all time. Buckethead’s success is directly proportional to the amount of enthusiasm the instructor puts into it. With action, fearlessness, and boldness this can be the most successful game of all time. Get a bucket/pail/bowl Fill it with water pour it over the participant’s head while shouting/singing/saying […]

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Download Free Preview Pack

Swim Lesson Plan – Template – Level 1

Those are some of the free lesson plans. Premium Lesson PlansFree premium lesson plan Level 1, Day 1Premium Lesson Plans Or you can get our premium lesson plans, designed to be effective and fun. Free premium lesson plan Level 1, Day 1 Download this free sample here. If you like it, check out more samples [...]
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Pirate ship

Swimming Game – Treasure Hunt

This swimming lessons game works best in a zero-depth pool; a pool which simulates a beach. There are a number of swimming skills that it works on, and many more depending on how creative your instructors or you are. Treasure Hunt: Get a kickboard. This will be your “boat.” Every child in your class is […]

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Head up technically wrong

Swim Drill – Freestyle – Position 11

This drill is excellent for swimming lessons, swim teams, adult lessons, or child swim lessons. It focuses on long over the water hand entry, early catch, body posture and body balance. Updated: 3/24/17 Video of position 11 Freestyle Drill: Position 11 Start from streamline Hands should separate from streamline to directly above the shoulders (the […]

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