Drills for swim teams you might be skipping

I get the feeling sometimes when I’m coaching or teaching a swim lesson that I’m wasting time. Sometimes I feel like when parents see me doing “floats” with their advanced swimmers, or doing a challenge where they do a front float, flip, then do a handstand we’re playing games without a purpose. If you’ve followed … Read moreDrills for swim teams you might be skipping

Swimming Game – Swim Subtraction

Category: Distance swimming, Group Core Skill: Coach’s Choice, Reading the board. Name: Swim Subtraction WHO This game is for swim teams that know how to read the board a little bit. Some ability to read your shorthand, your practices, or some familiarity with your program is important. Do not play this game with beginners. We … Read moreSwimming Game – Swim Subtraction

Swimming Game – Give a Gift, Take a Swim

Category: Group activity, Social Core Skill: Coach’s choice Name: Valentine’s Day Practice I like to do different things for the holidays. Most of the kids that participate on our swim team are in grade school or middle school. They’re somewhere between 5 years old and 13 on the developmental swim team. For Valentine’s Day I … Read moreSwimming Game – Give a Gift, Take a Swim

Swimming Game – Tic Tac Toe

Every year I get a few new assistant coaches that help me run my developmental swim practices. Once they understand the language that I use, the routines and habits for the different groups, and are comfortable with the flow and format of most practices I give them opportunities to take ownership of the groups. I … Read moreSwimming Game – Tic Tac Toe

Teach Fun and Effective Swimming; New workbook

It has been a crazy few months working behind the scenes. A quick update from May 2018 – November 2018. Updated the Online Swim Database. Created a complete attendance system for swim teams. Click a button, have all the records auto-update and use checkboxes to mark who was at practice. Track total practices and dates … Read moreTeach Fun and Effective Swimming; New workbook

Swimming Game – Activities on Ping Pong Balls

Seastarz Swim School was kind enough to let me post this here. I wanted to share this with everyone because it is an awesome idea. I have a few thoughts on how I assume this would work in both swim lessons and on swim teams. Category: Group Activity Core Skill: Coach’s Choice Name: Ping Pong Adventure This … Read moreSwimming Game – Activities on Ping Pong Balls

SIP 079: Do you need to license a swim program to be successful?

No. Most parents don’t care what your swim program system is. They care about three things:   1) Will their child learn how to swim? 2) Does it fit into their schedule? 3) Is it within their budget?   They’re more worried about making the most out of their time and effort to bring their … Read moreSIP 079: Do you need to license a swim program to be successful?

SIP 078: Central States Clinic Part 3

http://traffic.libsyn.com/swimmingideas/SIP_078.mp3 Dr. Alan Goldberg,  www.competitivedge.com Getting parents to work with, not against you.   Blog post about day 1 handout. https://swimminglessonsideas.com/2017/09/17/handout-for-first-day-of-swim-lessons-for-parents-what-to-expect/ Day 2 handouts: https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/completelessondocuments/Administration/Day+2+Handouts+(1).pdf   Be proactive. How to teach your parents on your swim team. Learn how to interact with your swim lesson parents in a healthy way. Be proactive, take the first … Read moreSIP 078: Central States Clinic Part 3