Swimming Question: How should I prepare for the first day of practice as a new High School Swimming Coach?

I get a lot of questions about swimming from a diverse range of people. Sometimes they’re interesting enough that I can share them with the world. This is one such question. I implore you to look at the list from SwimSwam. USA Swimming is a fantastic resource for coaches of all levels and skill. Dear …

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Swimming Game – Toy Toss

Category: Swimming Games for Toddlers Core Skill: Going Underwater Name: Toy Toss How: This game is simple but fun. You need a toy that floats in water, such as a rubber duck or a plastic ring. You can use any toy that your child likes, as long as it is safe and easy to see. …

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Swimming Game – Dumpy in the Dingas!

Category: Going underwater fun Core Skill: Playing, going underwater Name: Dumpy in the Dingas How: Do you want to make your toddler’s swimming lessons more fun and engaging? Do you want to help them overcome their fear of going underwater and learn to enjoy the water? If so, you might want to try this new …

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Swimming Game – Mirror Me

Category: Personal Challenge Core Skill: Any swimming skill or activity Name: Mirror Me How: I would describe the Mirror Game for swimming to a swim instructor like this: The Mirror Game is a fun and easy game that can help swimmers practice their coordination, balance, and imitation skills. It can also encourage creativity and social …

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Using feedback in a swimming lesson effectively

Feedback is an essential component of any learning process, especially in swimming. Feedback can help swimmers improve their skills, correct their mistakes, and increase their confidence. However, not all feedback is equally effective. In this blog post, we will discuss some principles and tips for using feedback in a swimming lesson effectively, based on the …

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Swimming Game – Spray Dance Streamline

Category: Group activity, physical movements Core Skill: Learning swim terminology, practicing on land, following directions Name: Spray Dance Streamline How: The instructor leads the activity by introducing the directions and then demonstrating the pretend play and movements. It is super important that the instructor Demonstrates and participates in this activity. They must set the tone. …

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Swimming Game – Animal Hunt (splashpad)

– **Swimming Game – Animal Hunt**: A pretend play game for 2-4 year olds in the splash pad where they have to rescue animals that escaped from the zoo by imitating their sounds and movements.
– **Core Skill**: Listening, playing, and following directions. The instructor leads the game by demonstrating the animal actions and the swimmers mimic them¹[1]. The goal is to build trust and encourage the swimmers to join in the fun²[2].
– **Examples of Animals**: Elephants, giraffes, lions, monkeys, snakes, and alligators. Each animal has a different water feature and a way of interacting with it. The instructor should make the motions goofy, funny, and interesting³[3].
– **Free Resources and Community**: The document invites the readers to join a free community of aquatic professionals and provides contact information and categories of swim lesson games.

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