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SIP 057: ‘Failure’ to succeed and parent education

An interview with Meighan Julbert, MS from The MindSide Meighan Julbert is a Mental Skills Consultant for The MindSide who brings a passion for understanding how to gain competitive advantages as part of early athletic experiences, through proper structure and coaching of athletes. As a former competitive athlete, Meighan understands the need for proper mental […]

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SIP 056: Challenges in Swim Lessons

How to increase learning and interest in your classes Are you in a rut? Have you taught the same lessons over and over for years? They work, they’re great, and they’re interesting for the kids, but how can you amuse yourself and your students without disrupting the flow of your tried and true lesson plans? […]

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SIP 055: “The one thing,” the Breaststroke kick chair, and games – An interview with Karis Mount

Everyone has a unique story to tell about their time teaching or participating in swimming. There are lessons to learn from both participants talking about what they went through as swimmers, and stories to remember from people talking about their time teaching. We all have useful and shareable tidbits that others may benefit from. You […]

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SIP 054: Merging preschool teaching with swim lessons – An interview with Jennifer Butler

Swim instruction is teaching Jennifer Butler of Roots Aquatics is awesome. She is an experienced preschool teacher, swimming veteran, and expert swim instructor. Jenn is the Aquatic Coordinator at Roots Aquatics and Fitness Center where she trains lifeguards and swim instructors, teaches lessons, does the schedule, and writes a staff only blog. This summer she’ll […]

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SIP 053: Calling podcast Guests

Are you ready to share your story?   You can join the podcast as a guest by submitting a form here:   Qualifications: Swimming experience Currently teaching or running swim lessons Swim Coach Involved in swim lesson management or administration   We want to hear your story. What unique things do you do in your […]

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Swimming Ideas Podcast 052-

SIP 052: Swimming is a habit

  How to Build a New Habit: This is Your Strategy Guide   18 Tricks to Make New Habits Stick   Teaching swimming lessons is establishing habits for our swimmers. We look at how to do that in this podcast by looking at how to create good habits. If you want to make better […]

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Go to games for swimming lessons

SIP 051: Go to games for swimming lessons

  Today we’re going to look at the “staple” games for swimming lessons. These are the go to games I use for most swim lessons.   Once you get a group of swimmers with you more regularly where they know you and are used to your system and routines, you can start playing more inventive […]

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Swimming Ideas Podcast 050- Lesson Plans for swim lessons

SIP 050: Lesson Plans for swim lessons

The importance of lesson plans.   Lesson plans are not necessary for everyone. Veteran and highly experienced teachers can do without them. However levels, move up criteria and overall progression planning is necessary.   You have to know where you want to go before you start moving forward.   Majority of swim instructors are inexperienced. […]

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SIP 049: Ring the Bell  Swim RVA Fitness and swimming pool in Richmond VA I follow them on Facebook and Twitter and their “ring the bell” concept is amazing. Loud, physical, tangible thing to do announcing to everyone and yourself that someone has succeeded in something. We don’t do anything similar. I want to install something like this. […]

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SIP 045: Importance of Routine

  Set up systems for better success   Look in your favorite search: importance of systems in business   You’ll find a huge list of why you need to have systems. What is a system and why is it important for swimming lessons or swim teams?   I think of a “system” as a template […]

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SIP 044: Resetting when plans don’t work

Learn when it is time to stop an activity and move on.   When you feel you’re forcing it When participants are distracted by something else Loud reset When goofiness takes hold Use a distraction skill: my go to is “jumps” When participants are not “getting it.” Reteach, or explain better Too complex for intended […]

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SIP 043: Interrupt your flow

  Why we would interrupt a skill progression to play a game, and why it works for swim lessons and better retention.   General swimming lesson information.   Typical swim lesson plans: Enter Underwater Front glides Free swim Breathing Free swim Back glides Back arms Back swim Jumps Games Done.     Swimming Ideas lesson […]

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SIP 042: Revisiting Streamline

Swimming Ideas Podcast 042: Revisiting Streamline What are the 3 things to streamline? Lock thumb Look down Squeeze ears                       What common problems do these commands/goals/specific words correct: Head lifted and looking forward Arms not tight against head Hands wavering Body not straight Hands at […]

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SIP 041: Underwater First

Make an effort to go underwater with participants on every Level 1 activity.   Level 1 and Parent Tot.   Our primary focus is going underwater.   When you can go underwater then you can do everything.   The only thing you can do without going underwater is supported activities (being physically held up at […]

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SIP 040: Multiple levels in the same class?

  Can you teach level 2 and level 3 in the same class? What about 1 and 2?   We go into some in-depth discussion on what each level requirements are, and how you can integrate them into one class.   Is it ideal?   Why even have levels in the first place?   Example […]

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SIP 039: Revisiting Position 11

How we use it in swim lessons and how we use it at swim practice. What is it: Position 11 is: A drill we do to establish a good quality body position and long reach. Something we do every day in every lesson Used in every stroke Looks like this: Go here for a free […]

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SIP 038: 2016 and Language

Using external language to get better results posted an article about External and internal focus for optimal learning.   Basically: external focus is better. Using golf, darts, and balancing a board, researchers have shown that when you focus your attention on doing SOMETHING to something, you get better results.   This […]

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SIP 037: Problem then Solution Conundrum

Motivate your swimmers using this simple tactic Locked doors, headaches, and intellectual need | Affording Play     Mathematics, and how to teach both old and new math, and how to program.   The concept of the “locked door, and the key.” I have a door that is locked. How do I get […]

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SIP 036: 100 Point Game at Swim Practice, Success? or Failure?

You can find the website post about this game here:   We played this game about 10 times in the last few months. I have played it with swimming lessons with more advanced abilities and with our developmental swim team. For our pre-competitive group, who have mostly been swimming on the team for more […]

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SIP 035: What makes a good swim coach?

You can focus on the ‘change mindset’ and foster successful swimmers in the future. Coach I work with talking about job history, philosophy of coaching   Fixed mindset, change mindset   Work hard and you will fail   Coach’s role: games? No. Respect. Yelling doesn’t earn it. Don’t be feared.   Expectation of hard work […]

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