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Swimming Ideas Podcast 014: Teaching Adults to Swim

Be patient   Ask where they are comfortable, drop down the checklist: Go underwater? Face, eyes, blow bubbles Front Glide? With Face in Back Glide? Relaxed ears in water Hips near surface Legs kicking Front Crawl Back Crawl   Remember be patient Start slow, be gentle and give clear incremental directions.   Example: Doing a […]

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Swimming Ideas Podcast 013: Level 1, Day 1

We take an indepth look at the first day in a Level One class. Our goal for this class is teach the swimmers to: Go Underwater on their own Supported Front Glide with putting their own face in the water Supported Back Glide comfortable with ears in water. In this episode I take you through […]

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Swimming Ideas Podcast 012: Using Mirrors

Swim Mirror Excellent for seeing body line and hand travel. Use in Swim Lessons: Excellent for encouraging looking down Perfect for front glides Especially body straight Stack them up and go longer distances See front crawl arms Watch hand travel underwater Excellent to focus on Long reaches, full arm extension Participants get immediate personalized feedback […]

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Swimming Ideas Podcast 011: Using Progressions

Utilize these progressions in your swim lessons! Buy the Premium Swimming Lesson plans here, and follow our guides and scripts to get your students to master complicated advanced swimming strokes.   Incremental progressions   How to use them in your swimming lessons   Front Glides   Stand close to the swimmer and let them hold you […]

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Swimming Ideas Podcast 005: The 4 Best Games for Swim Lessons

  Get the secret super powered up versions to maximize teaching effectiveness and create a fun and engaging class. Find out how to super charge your existing lessons with these games! Buckethead: The Best Game Ever! Bake a Cake Throw and Fetch Click on Diving Rings  Hula Hoop Diver   These […]

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Swimming Ideas Podcast 003: Short Distance Skill Work

Swimming Ideas Podcast 003: Short Distance Skill Work Click To Tweet You’ll take from this episode a huge range of possibility for your swimming program. This technique works wonderfully for both swim lessons and for swim teams and their developmental programs. If you’re working on new drills or turns, you can use this for teaching […]

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Swimming Ideas Podcast 001: Position 11

  What are the 3 things to focus on, and what are the 3 things that make it easier. We go in depth into this common and staple swimming drill. Learn how to use this drill in your swim program: Swim Team, Swim lessons, and Masters swimming. You’ll get the tips to make this drill […]

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