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Swimming Lesson Guide – Giving feedback

Report cards, Certificates, Evaluations: The ins, outs, and positive sandwiches of giving praise and criticism Swimming Lessons Ideas was initially designed as a resource for my own program, and as an online repository for swim lesson games and ideas. I am so fortunate to interact with a diverse and resourceful community of people looking to […]

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Effective Teaching – Series 3 of 3

Surrounded by indifference? I am so thankful for your attention. I know you have a busy life, especially during the summer when swimming seems to be much more in the forefront of our minds. Thank you for both opening this email, and for your interest in I want swim lessons in general to be […]

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Effective Teaching – Series 2 of 3

How do you create “fun” in your lessons? This is the second in a series about how to teach swimming effectively. You can use these emails to run your swim lesson program, or to go about creating your staff training. Our first email last week was about two key points: Fill your practices/lessons with really […]

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Effective Teaching – Series 1 of 3

Be one of the best instructors Before I give you this juicy nugget of teaching effectiveness I want to thank you for being interested in teaching swimming. I’m creating swim lesson plans and training documents to improve our own program, but to also improve yours. Take these effective teaching tips from USA Swimming’s Sport Performance […]

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Short Distance Cheat Sheet

Swim Lesson Templates and Plans: Learn How and When to use them and Create your own

Think of a lesson plan for swimming as the roadmap for your instructors to follow. Lesson plans are the guideposts along the path to a successful swim lesson. They help with the class’s flow and skill transitions. With a well written lesson plan you’ll naturally flow from one swimming skill into the next. You’ll gracefully […]

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