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Swim Drill – Spine and Core

Spine and Core We are land based creatures, with curves in our spines at the lower back and neck to absorb shock while walking, running, jumping, etc. To become successful water based creatures, we must try to eliminate our land based curves and establish proper swimming position called “The Line”. In swimming there are Long […]

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Head Lead Body Undulation

Swim Drill – Butterfly – Head Lead Body Undulation

Head Lead Body Undulation Butterfly Drill arms in the saddle (at the hips) Grow the Neck Keep the ribs down the belly button in and up shoulders away from ears Do not kick or use legs Press the lungs slightly down into the water head does not go under Emphasize the undulation, not moving forward […]

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Swimming Game – Log Roll Streamline

Log Roll Streamline Log Roll is a great game for both advanced and beginning swimmers. It focuses on the single most important swimming position: Streamline. You can have your swimmers do this activity by waves, individually or repeatedly in a cycle. This game/activity is very well suited to variation, and feel free to adapt the […]

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Double Arm Back

Swim Drill – Double Arm BK

A great backstroke drill for beginning and advanced swimmers. Double Arm Backstroke The first stage of this drill is double arm back with underwater recovery. Push off in streamline when at the surface, start with hands in streamline and pull them to your sides While pulling down, focus should be on the fingertips pointing to […]

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underwater fly

Swim Drill – Butterfly – Around the World

Butterfly drill “Around the World” This drill can be done with beginner swimmers or advanced swimmers. It is essentially a core strength building drill.   Beginners:   Begin from the wall Streamline and do 5 fly kicks on stomach go back to the wall streamline and do 5 fly kicks on left side go back […]

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Swim Drill – Fly – Undulate, Pause, Undulate and stroke

Butterfly Drill: Pause, undulate, pause, undulate and stroke. This drill is actually two steps. 1) P+U+P+U/stroke GO SLOW! Do not rush this drill. the Pause (P) is floating on the surface balanced, arms out straight above the shoulders, head in line, looking down. Undulate (U) is a fly body motion. Start with the chest pressing […]

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Head up technically wrong

Swim Drill – Freestyle – Position 11

This drill is excellent for swimming lessons, swim teams, adult lessons, or child swim lessons. It focuses on long over the water hand entry, early catch, body posture and body balance. Updated: 3/24/17 Video of position 11 Freestyle Drill: Position 11 Start from streamline Hands should separate from streamline to directly above the shoulders (the […]

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Swim Drill – Breaststroke – BR arms, FR kick

The best swimming lessons drills, or swim team drills are ones that are easily repeatable, worthwhile, and require a few simple parts. The more complicated it gets, the less likely they’ll be useful. Breaststroke Drill: Breaststroke Arms with Freestyle Kick After streamline, swimmer does freestyle kick. After 5 kicks in streamline or “superman” swimmer does […]

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Smell your stinky armpit!

Swim Drill – Freestyle – 3 Strokes and 10 kicks

Freestyle is one of the four competitive strokes in USA Swimming. We introduce it to all of our beginning swimmers as a front glide, or a streamline. After learning the basics, and knowing how to swim the stroke generally well, we use this drill: Freestyle, 3 strokes, then 10 kicks on your side. Push off […]

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Chicken arm swim drill

Swim Drill – Chicken Wings

In swimming lessons and triathlon training the “Chicken Wings” is one of the classic drills exercised. The challenge of this exercise is swimming without the support of your hands and – even more difficult – with a reduced arm length; your arms are bend to short “Chicken Wings”. Shoulders and elbows have to come high […]

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