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Swimming Ideas Podcast 048-

SIP 048: The science behind progressions

  USA Swimming has this article linked to their Learn To Swim page at   We’re going to look specifically at this portion:   ” Moving and Learning Recent neurological research links movement to learning and memory.  Since neurologists now agree that active movement is scientifically linked to intellectual development, how early […]

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Swimming Ideas Podcast 047-

SIP 047: Three cures for terrible training sessions

You’re likely getting ready for your summer lifeguard training this month. You have returning staff and new hires eager or reluctantly attending your mandatory training.   These are critical hours you have a captive audience. Here are 3 things you can do as an instructor or facilitator to make sure your participants aren’t leaving after […]

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Swimming Ideas Podcast 046-

SIP 046: Two scripts for teaching swimming

Front glides, back glides   Put your shoulders in the water Put your arms out in front of you Put your face in the water Push off to me   Back glide script:   Stand up straight Turn away from me Put your shoulders in the water Tilt your head back […]

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Effective Teaching – Series 1 of 3

Be one of the best instructors Before I give you this juicy nugget of teaching effectiveness I want to thank you for being interested in teaching swimming. I’m creating swim lesson plans and training documents to improve our own program, but to also improve yours. Take these effective teaching tips from USA Swimming’s Sport Performance […]

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What terrible mistakes have your staff made?

What terrible mistakes have your staff made?   Even with the best intentions our seasonal staff makes some awful crazy mistakes. Take practicing diving in the shallow end. This instructor thought it was a good idea to teach her student dives while the swimmer stood on the painted sign saying “No Diving!” Yup, that child […]

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Backstroke for beginners video From Chris Burton

Through twitter we found this great video. Chris has been a wonderful person to talk to, and he has some great high quality videos: Tweet from @ChrisBu36390714: @SwimmingIdeas Closer to the elbow. There’s a scene in my “Backstroke for Beginners” video that shows it.

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Swimming Ideas Podcast 002: Streamline

Swimming Ideas Podcast 002: Streamline Click To Tweet Episode 002 is all about streamline! This is perhaps the single most important skill you can master for your swim team. In this episode we give you the 3 things you should focus on to teach streamline faster and easier with better resutls. We’ll look at: Streamline […]

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Short Distance Cheat Sheet

Swim Lesson Templates and Plans: Learn How and When to use them and Create your own

Think of a lesson plan for swimming as the roadmap for your instructors to follow. Lesson plans are the guideposts along the path to a successful swim lesson. They help with the class’s flow and skill transitions. With a well written lesson plan you’ll naturally flow from one swimming skill into the next. You’ll gracefully […]

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Swimming Lessons can Help prevent Drowning

With this recent article about what drowning actually looks like, it makes us think that now is the time to start swimming lessons. While lessons are not a guarantee that your child will not drown in the pool, having a safe working knowledge how to swim may reduce the risks associated with swimming. Check out […]

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teach your staff

Parent Tot – Hokey Pokey

Child held by parent facing inside of circle. Parent holding child facing away from chest, or in the saddle (child legs around one of parent’s hips to the side). Create circle of parents and instructor. Sing: “You put your [right leg] in, You put your [right leg] out; You put your [right leg] in, And […]

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Parent Tot – Front Crawl Arms

Child held by parent. Parent holding child in FRONT GLIDE position. Parent uses one hand to hold child up by holding chest with palm up. Parent uses other hand to grab child’s arm and move it in a circle. Parent switches hands and alternates child’s arms. Optional: Throw toy and do arm circles to the […]

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Parent Tot – Back Crawl Arms

Child held by parent. Parent holding child. Parent holds child with one hand, palm up on back, child’s head on surface of water in front of parent’s body. Use one hand to grasp child’s arm and move it in a backwards circle motion. Parent switches hands on child’s back and makes circle motion with child’s […]

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Parent Tot – Passing to the wall

Child held by parent. Parent holding child in front of body facing away. Parent should hold child horizontal facing towards the wall. Count “1, 2, 3, GO!” and pass the child forward by extending arm. Child should reach out and grab the wall. Beginner: Parent holds onto child entire time. Intermediate: Parent lets go of […]

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Parent Tot – Passing

Child help by parent or instructor. Parent holding child, or ready to receive child. Progression based on comfort: Hold child in front of body with child horizontal in the water. Have child facing the parent who is ready to receive child with a smile, arms outstretched. Count “1, 2, 3, GO!” gently scoop child forward […]

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