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Swim Lesson Plan – Beginner Lesson Template

Beginner Swim Lesson Template Use this basic template to get a general idea on what to do. Most swim lessons are focusing on Front crawl (Freestyle), or Back Crawl (Backstroke). While these two skills are primarily done on the surface, a third skill generally termed "Going Underwater" was added. _ Freestyle Activities: Floats Glides Arm [...]
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Swim Lesson Plan – Level 2

Swim lesson plan for beginner swimmers. The best way to teach young swimmers is through repetition. Most children (literally almost ALL) are unable to physiologically complete most of the fine motor movements that swimming requires. Children are physically UNABLE to mimic, or do certain things because they haven’t reached that point in their growth yet. […]

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Swim Lesson Plan – Template – Level 1

Those are some of the free lesson plans. Premium Lesson PlansFree premium lesson plan Level 1, Day 1Premium Lesson Plans Or you can get our premium lesson plans, designed to be effective and fun. Free premium lesson plan Level 1, Day 1 Download this free sample here. If you like it, check out more samples [...]
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Swimming Lesson Plan – Adult Lessons

You can see our updated guide to teaching adults and teens here:    To teach Adults how to swim requires first assessing what their ability level is. Follow these steps: Do they go underwaterIf yes then continue, otherwise focus on this first.  Float: Stomach and Back Look for: 1) Face held stable, looking down or […]

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Swim Lesson Plan – Parent and Infant Class

Swimming can be described as the ability for one to move harmoniously through the water. Swimming is a very wonderful thing especially to infants and children who are in the process of growing. It is good for their growth, health and fitness. However, it is wise for every parent and swimming teacher to take caution […]

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