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Parent Tot – Motorboat – With Kickboard

“Child in the water on top of a kickboard. Parent in the water holding child’s arms on top of kickboard. Parent’s chest should be facing same direction as child’s face. Parent’s right arm should be over the child’s body and holding child’s right arm on the kickboard. Child’s feet will be behind the parent. Sing: […]

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Parent Tot – Motorboat – On the side

“Child sitting on edge of pool. Parent in the water holding child’s feet. Sing: “”Motorboat, Motorboat go so slow, /           Motorboat, Motorboat, go so fast, /           Motorboat, Motorboat, STEP ON THE GAS!”” Move the child’s legs slowly during the “”go so slow”” Increase speed when you get to “”go so FAST.”” Move as […]

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Parent Tot – Crocodile Jumps Into the Water

“Child sitting on the edge of the pool. Parent in the water holding child’s hands. Sing: “”Crocodile, Crocodile on the wall, / Crocodile, Crocodile, in you fall!”” When parent gets to “”Fall”” smile and gently pull child into the water up to their comfortable depth (chin, lips, nose, whole face).  Scoop the child and take […]

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Parent Tot – Entering the Water

Child and parent sit side by side with feet in the water, butt on the edge. Parent puts their arm on top of child’s hands between the child’s legs. The parent should always enter the water first. Parent swings into the pool keeping hand on their child’s hands. Once in the water, grasp child’s body […]

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