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questions and answers reader help

Questions and Answers; Reader Help

I get email from readers of the site all the time, and usually I respond as best I can, and sometimes turn those questions into blog posts or podcast episodes. I got this one today, and think you will benefit from it. Here it is, and Thank you Heather!   Dear Jeff, A former colleague […]

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respected or feared

Are you respected or feared?

“Oh my god! Coach Jeff! How are you?” Or the more common smile and hide behind the parent’s leg, but still want to tell me a story in too many random details like children tell stories. That is what I most often hear and see when I run into swimmer families around the community. I […]

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New private lessons- Get the word out

Starting a new private swim program

“If you build it, they will come.”  Maybe you’re like me and you remember watching this movie all the time. But was that mantra from the 80’s and 90’s, that iconic saying really true? Can you just “build” something and clients will magically show up? I don’t think so. Swimming Ideas is a business. I […]

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When to take a step back

When to take a step back

We all make mistakes. I’ve done this before too, and I know there’ll be equally as avoidable mistakes I’ll make in the future. But hopefully we learn from those errors. I watch swim lessons every day, or I am coaching. It is rare that I’m not around a pool. It is what I do. Today, […]

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SIP 058 Artwork

SIP 058: The One Thing

How to be a better coach or instructor Episode 057 with Meighan Julbert: “Focus on the 2-3 things totally essential for swimmer’s success.”   Episode 055 with Karis Mount: “My coaches focused on the one thing that would make me improve. We were focused.” Episode 054 with Jennifer Butler: “When giving feedback, focus on the […]

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Adjusting a game – Bake a Cake

About 40 minutes ago I got out of the water and gave ‘hi-fives’ to the kids from my class, and said, “Well done today, come back next week.” It was not the easiest class. They were all the same “level” in what we call level 2, but they were very new to swimming, and reluctant […]

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Swim lesson update

Swim Lesson Update

We had swim lessons yesterday and I wanted to give you an opportunity to learn from good ideas and some mistakes. In reading this you will learn about how we set up a weekday swim lesson that is open to 5-year-olds and older that can go underwater. The goal of this class is to introduce […]

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Are Make-up classes Good, or Bad-

Make-up Classes: Good or Bad

Do you offer make-up classes? Whether you do or not, I’m certain that you’ve heard about them. It is a relatively controversial thing in the swim lesson community. Some people hate them, others tolerate them, and some embrace the concept. Where do you fall? Let us know on twitter: Make-ups are not good for anyone […]

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Balancing Discipline and Fun

Finding a balance between fun and discipline

You have taught swim lessons to young kids before, and you’ve likely tried to teach your new swim instructor staff how to strike a balance between fun and learning. But how much time have you spent thinking about how to balance the two in your own classes? Have you considered teaching someone else to instinctively […]

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Is American Red Cross Level 1

Are your ARC lessons efficient?

The most popular swim lesson program is the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim. I grew up teaching them, and was even certified as a Water Safety Instructor, ARC’s version for advanced swim instructor training. I remember feeling so official, so empowered and enthusiastic about finally being able to “sign the cards.” And then I filled out […]

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Swimming Lesson Guide – Giving feedback

Report cards, Certificates, Evaluations: The ins, outs, and positive sandwiches of giving praise and criticism Swimming Lessons Ideas was initially designed as a resource for my own program, and as an online repository for swim lesson games and ideas. I am so fortunate to interact with a diverse and resourceful community of people looking to […]

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Training Module- Going Underwater

Training Module: Going Underwater

Download the PDF handout and guide here: Training: Going Underwater Key Points: Offer excessively multiple opportunities to go underwater Instructor must go underwater first and often. No dry heads. Push the next step of the underwater progression, not 2 steps ahead. Incremental Underwater Progression; all 7 steps. Set up your training Start in one large […]

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