Teach Fun and Effective Swimming; New workbook

It has been a crazy few months working behind the scenes. A quick update from May 2018 – November 2018. Updated the Online Swim Database. Created a complete attendance system for swim teams. Click a button, have all the records auto-update and use checkboxes to mark who was at practice. Track total practices and dates … Read moreTeach Fun and Effective Swimming; New workbook

Variations on standard techniques for better swimming

At Swimming Ideas we’re all about ability, skill, and learning over endurance. I’d rather see someone swim well than swim sloppy for 200 yards. Perhaps I should say that we’re in the business of “fun and effective” swimming. In fact, I wrote a whole book about creating “fun and effective swim games.”  Through our swim … Read moreVariations on standard techniques for better swimming

Three ways to improve the dry-hair-teenage-swim-instructor’s teaching

Have you ever just watched a high school age person teach swim lessons, and it seems like they don’t want to be there? You can, like, read their minds as they telegraph all their thoughts with actions. Let me know if you’ve ever seen this scenario played out in your swim program:   Sally stands … Read moreThree ways to improve the dry-hair-teenage-swim-instructor’s teaching

Preparing for Fall 2017 Swim Lessons

Most of you are looking at swim lessons starting in the next few weeks. August and September is traditionally when school starts (K-12).  The college kids skate away to their universities, and you’re left with the local population, the local community college, and high school kids to fill your staff holes. Fall is a tough … Read morePreparing for Fall 2017 Swim Lessons

Explaining “11, Y, Eat, and Reach” to teach Breaststroke

Listening to your comments There is a survey that you can fill out that I check regularly to gauge what you want to know about and give you better material. You can fill it out here: https://goo.gl/forms/wMlN2znt1MBKRhGo2 One of the comments was, “I tried ’11, Y, Eat, and Reach’ in Australia, but it didn’t work. It … Read moreExplaining “11, Y, Eat, and Reach” to teach Breaststroke

Are your ARC lessons efficient?

The most popular swim lesson program is the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim. I grew up teaching them, and was even certified as a Water Safety Instructor, ARC’s version for advanced swim instructor training. I remember feeling so official, so empowered and enthusiastic about finally being able to “sign the cards.” And then I filled out … Read moreAre your ARC lessons efficient?

Swimming Lesson Guide – Giving feedback

Report cards, Certificates, Evaluations: The ins, outs, and positive sandwiches of giving praise and criticism Swimming Lessons Ideas was initially designed as a resource for my own program, and as an online repository for swim lesson games and ideas. I am so fortunate to interact with a diverse and resourceful community of people looking to ... Read moreSwimming Lesson Guide – Giving feedback

Swim Lesson Plans

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