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Quick visual swim skill sheets to make teaching swimming fun and effective.

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This is not a complete product, and only includes

  • Underwater and Glides
  • Crawls and Breathing (freestyle and backstroke)
  • Breaststroke

As new sheets are finalized you’ll be notified to download and receive the full product without any additional cost.


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Visual skill sheets with lesson plans and general guidance for beginning and veteran swim instructors.

We learn through visual information best when it comes to swimming. We can demonstrate or ask someone else to perform the skill we’re asking our participants to do.

Here are hand drawn, custom made visual Instructor sheets that cover the essential swim skills for both swim lessons and beginner swim team programs.

With these new plans, you’ll have your new staff teaching like pros in no time and your veteran staff refining their technique to match the updated pictures and guidance.

Make your swim lessons more effective. Give your staff a powerful tool that they can use in the water or on deck in training.

Sheets cover:

  • Underwater and Glides
  • Crawls and Breathing
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly
  • Refining Freestyle
  • Flip turns
  • Open turns