1 x 50 Freestyle kick with FINS and a Board

3 x Streamline to the flags.
1) Lock your thumb
2) Squeeze your ears
3) Look down.

Challenge #1:
Push off the wall in AIRPLANE on surface with no kicking and get to the flags.
Do it again, underwater

3 x Streamline to the flags then 3 free strokes + a flip at the end. No breathing.

1 x 25 FREE w/ FINS holding the bottom of the kickboard. One arm at a time.

1 x 25 BK Kick w/ FINS in soldier position.

Challenge #2:
Lay on the bottom with your back and head touching
BONUS: put two feet on the wall too

3 x Streamline + 5 FREE + 1 breath during the 5 strokes. Keep 1 goggle in the water when you breathe.

1 x 50 Kick w/ FINS and a board.

Challenge #3:
At half way, do a handstand, then turn it into a front flip. Do it 3 x.

3 x Streamline on BK to the flags after the flags do 3 backstroke strokes. Count when your thumb exits the water.

3 x Streamline on BK to the flags, after flags do 3 BK then roll on belly and do a front flip.

1 x 25 Free with FINS

1 x 25 BK w/ FINS

Challenge #4:
Flatten yourself like a bug against the wall; all body parts must be smashed against it for at least 4 seconds.

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