Minnows 11/22/2021

1 x 100 IM KICK
1 x 50: HLBw/R on BK w/ FINS
1 x 50: FREE Kick w/ board w/ FINS
2 x 25: Position 11 ; together
review all 3 things to SL and 11 before going.

Question of the Day:
How many lengths did you swim at Laps for COHO?
Correct: Do that many mini jumps
Wrong: Do a 100 FREE Kick w/ Board w/ FINS

2 x {

4 x 25 on 1:00: Position 11 w/ FINS
Need to breathe? Do a FREE arms stroke turn head to the side.

5 x SL + 5 FREE + 1 Breath

4 x 50 FREE: position 11 arms and Turn head to the side!


Challenge #1:

Challenge –

3 x lay on bottom with belly button, nose, and 1 big toe touching bottom

Use your hands to push off the wall underwater and “streamline” feet first to the yellow. BONUS make it underwater to the flags.

Like a feet first streamline pushing with hands. HINT: Point toes, lock knees together, squeeze core tight.

Handstand REWIND!
1: Hands on T mark.
2: Hands 1/2 way between T and Wall.
3: Hands on ground as far away as possible!

Challenge #2:

Challenge #3:

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