Minnows 8/2/2021

Deerspring Pool: 50 Meters

Review what 50 meters means and how we say it.
100 IM Kick: switch at 1/2 way.
1 x 50 Position 11
1 x 50 FREE

Question of the Day:
This pool is 50 meters long. How long are Olympic Pools?
Correct: Jump off the blocks 2 times.
Wrong: Swim to the lifeguard chair and back

4 x 50: Free or BK (same stroke whole way)

6 x Jump off the blocks and swim FREE fast to the lifeguard.

2 x 50: 2 FLY + FLY Kick to 1/2 way and FREE or BK other half.

4 x Dive off the side. SL + FREE to flags.

1 x 100: BK or FREE

Diving well Challenges

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