New Year’s Week #1

1 x 100 IM KICK
4 x 50: IM Order: K / S x 25
1 x 50 Position 11; tell a coach all 3 things to SL and 11 before you go.

Question of the Day:
How many weeks are in a year?
Correct: Do that number of flutter kicks somewhere between wall and flags.
Wrong: Do double that number of flutter kicks (in same space).

1 x 100: Free
2 x 25: Celebration Swim: fun not real stroke
1 x 100: BK
2 x 25: Dancing swim: fun not one of the 4 strokes.
1 x 100: 2 strokes FLY + FLY K the rest
2 x 25: Cartwheel or flip swim
1 x 100: CH

Explode from completely underwater like a firework.

Do a 25, but only moving while you are underwater.

Do another 25, but only moving while your belly button is ABOVE the water.

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