Practice 6/23/2020

Do everything on your own rest.

Minnows 1:00 rest
Sharks 30 seconds rest.
White, Blue: Start on 30 seconds rest and move to 20 if it is too easy.

If you touch the wall and it says 7….

What is 07 + 1 minute? (hint 1 circle)

What is 07 + 30 seconds? (hint 1/2 a circle)


1 x 100 FREE
1 x 100 BK

Challenge #1:
Lay flat on the bottom of the pool with your head and shoulders pressed to the ground watching the bubbles go to the surface. BONUS: put two feet on the wall.

4 x 50: Fly KICK / BK KICK x 25
1 x 100 FREE

Challenge #2:
Do 2 flips at the wall and streamline on your back to the flags. (Watch out for the other swimmer).

4 x 50: FLY Kick on your BACK / BK swim x 25
1 x 100 FREE

Challenge #3:
Float on your back with your feet touching the wall, hands in soldier; not pushing off the wall for 10 seconds. Like corpse pose from yoga.

4 x 50: BR K (hands behind back, breath after every kick) / BK KICK x 25
1 x 100 FREE

Challenge #4:
Wiggle like a worm on back, on side, on stomach, on side, and back again without moving anywhere (stay within the wall and the T mark.

4 x 50: BK
1 x 100: FREE

Challenge #5:
Float on stomach for 5 seconds. Turn it into a front flip without using your hands; tuck them into your hips. Do it 4 times if you can.

4 x 50: FLY / BR x 25
1 x 100: FREE

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