Private Lesson Week of 1/10/2021 #2

1 x 100 IM Kick
2 x 50: FREE K / FREE x 25 (25 FR Kick, 25 Free swim)
1 x 50 Position 11: tell coach all three things for SL and 11.

Question of the Day:
If you don’t do a SL at a swim meet will you be disqualified?
Correct: Do 3 “not a streamline” streamlines
Wrong: Do a 50 FREE

3 x
4 x 25: Speedplay:
1. EZ / Fast
2. Fast / EZ
3. All Fast
4. All EZ

1 x 100 BK

Flip towards the wall and paint it with both feet. Like your toes are a paint brush.

Starting under the flags, get 1 super jump and 10 flutter kicks to touch the wall.

Do a cartwheel with both hands touching the ground.
Do a forward handspring: handstand that is like a flip without becoming a ball.
Do a double front flip landing on your feet in the same body direction as you started.

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