Private Lessons 12/9/2020

1 x 100 IM Kick
3 x 50 (Min/Shark) 100 (White+) CHOICE, 1 must be Kick
1 x 50 Postion 11; recite 3 things for SL and 11.

Question of the Day:
This is a 20 yard pool. How many lengths do you need to do for an exact 200?
Correct = 50 CH
Wrong = 50 FLY K on BK

Drill: X, 11, Y
Swim Freestyle, or BK. First two strokes should cross the body center line landing in an X pattern.
Next two strokes should hit the water in the 11 position.
Next two strokes should hit the water in the Y position.
What is the way we want to swim? 11.

FR D: Fingertip Drag

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Drill: Breaststroke – Mini, Medium, Huge
Swim breaststroke with normal breathing and kick.
First 2 strokes, do a mini tiny arm stroke, barely moving your hands and elbows.
Next two strokes, do a normal, but narrow, breaststroke arm stroke (smaller than typical).
Next two strokes, do a wide, huge, elbow back behind back, arm stroke.
What type of stroke should we do? Medium, a tad smaller than normal.

Drill: Breaststroke High Elbow Progression | Minecraft Villager Drill | Pull Strength

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Challenge –

Flip 1st, then streamline on back to the flags underwater without breaking the surface

Challenge –

Do a streamline to the flags with your big toe dragging on the bottom of the water.

Do 1 x FLY stroke (with kick) underwater that moves you forward, then moves you BACKWARDS so you start and end in the same spot.

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