Private Lessons Week of 1/11/2021 #1

1 x 100 IM Kick
4 x 50: IM Order (IMO) All are 25 K, 25 Swim
1 x 50 Position 11: tell coach all three things for SL and 11.

Question of the Day:
Name an event at a swim meet that you might participate in.
Correct: Do 4 Handstands that turn into front flips and 1 that turns into a back flip.
Wrong: 50 BK K

2 x
2 x 50: BK; focus on touching wall on your back and if brave do a flip turn.
3 x SL + 2 FLY strokes; must breath on stroke #2
1 x 100: Free

SL to the yellow underwater and do 3 free before you get to the flags (at the surface).

Lay flat on your back on the bottom and float to the surface doing nothing.

Push off the wall in SL on your…
1. Stomach
2. Right side
3. Back
4. Left side

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