SIP 101: Routine for Developmental Swimming

Establishing your habits, your consistency, and defining the framework that will lead to better swimmers faster.

Why routine is important:
SIP 052: Swimming is a habit (
SIP 045: Importance of Routine (

What is our routine and why do we do it?


100 IM K
50 Swim
2 x 25 Position 11
Question of the Day
What is the order of a 100 IM swim event?

Learning Set:

Two small groups that switch back and forth

Group 1, Skill 1
3 x SL on BK; stay underwater until you get to the flags if possible.
Group 2, Skill 2
3 x SL + 1 FLY stroke NO KICKING! Do the fly arms at the surface; okay to move yourself backwards

Aerobic and Practice what you learned set:

All together building on Question of the day and the small group practice.

3 x {
1 x 100 FREE with fins
2 x 50, 25 BK, 25 2 strokes Fly then fly kick rest of 25, then 25 BK
3 x SL + 5 FREE + 1 Breath
1 Challenge

Better swimming.
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