Swimming Game – Challenge: Stroke Switch


The Stroke Switch Challenge


Level 4 swimmers who can swim 50 meters of front or back crawl, and have some experience with breaststroke and butterfly.


A personal skill challenge that involves switching strokes. Swimmers must do at least 3 strokes of each of the 4 competitive strokes, Fly, Back, Breast, Free before reaching 1/2 way; or before reaching the wall of a 25.


  • Swimmers go one at a time starting at the wall with a streamline.
  • Swim in IM order.
  • Switch strokes at will in order of the IM. Fly -> Back -> Breast -> Free.


  • Do all 4 strokes with a minimum of 3 cycles of that stroke before switching. Can do more.
  • Reach a certain distance.

Challenge options:

  • Set the distance to farther than what 3 strokes of each of the IM strokes can get someone normally.
  • Require that the swimmer must touch the wall, or reach the end point doing FREE.
  • Limit the max amount of strokes possible and let the swimmers adjust to make a distance.
  • Make the end point really short; must do 3 strokes of each stroke, but super fast and short.
  • Make the end point really far; must do 3 strokes of each stroke, but super exaggerated with lots of gliding.
  • Add your own roadblock!

Core Skill

This game helps swimmers practice all four strokes in a challenging and fun way. It also reinforces the skills of streamlining, breathing, and adapting to different strokes.

Difficulties for instructors

Some possible difficulties for instructors are:

  • Ensuring that all swimmers follow the correct stroke rules and do not repeat any strokes within 10 meters.
  • Providing feedback and encouragement to all swimmers, especially those who struggle with certain strokes or get confused by the switching.
  • Managing the safety and behavior of all swimmers, especially when they are switching strokes or finishing the challenge.

Thank you! Share your thoughts on how this game worked in your swim lessons or on swim team!

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