Swimming Game – Kickboard Chaos


Kickboard Chaos

Core Skill:



Beginners who are comfortable with water on their face


A fun game that involves kicking, splashing, and buckets with kickboards and diving rings


  • Divide the swimmers into two teams. Separate them into two lanes. Each lane should have a bench placed at the flags and the swimmers should gather near the wall in shallow enough water to stand.
  • Give each team a two kickboards and some diving rings, and a bucket
  • Enlist one team member to be the Bucket holder, or the goal. They should take the bucket and stand on the platform.
  • Have the swimmers take turns kicking from the wall to the flags using the kickboard. They should bring a ring and hold it on top of the kickboard.
  • Kickers must keep moving and may not stop kicking. When they get to the flags they must keep kicking, throw their ring at the bucket and return back to the wall. If kicker stops kicking their ring toss does not count. If they lose control of their kickboard their ring throw doesn’t count.
  • The next kicker can take their turn when the previous person gets back to the wall.
  • The goal is to throw the diving ring into the bucket held by their team member. The bucket holder must attempt to catch the ring in the bucket.
  • The team that fills their bucket with all their rings first, wins.

Struggles Instructors might face:

  • Some swimmers might have trouble balancing on the kickboard while kicking or throwing it accurately onto the kickboard.
  • Some swimmers might get too competitive or aggressive and try to splash or interfere with the other team.
  • Some swimmers might get bored or distracted if they have to wait too long for their turn.

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