Swimming Game – Smiley Faces

  • Category: Group / Individual
  • Core Skill: Putting your face underwater
  • Name: Smiley Faces


Using the smiley face float toys have your swimmer smile as big as the toy, and hold it up to their faces.

Then, using their face, push the floating toy underwater while keeping your smile as large as the toy.

Smile face float toys available at the lifeguard store.

Aqua Disk (thelifeguardstore.com)

These toys are wonderful for using in a variety of ways. They are effective at helping swimmers stay on the surface as well as learn buoyancy.

We use them in this game. To get a emotional reaction. By encouraging them to smile like the toy. Hold the toy to their face, have their eyes poked through the eyeholes, and make their smile as big as the smile in the toy.

Then pushing their face down, push the floating toy underwater so that it is submerged. It will be difficult and makes the game challenging and fun.

The swimmer holds the toy to their face and then leans forward pressing their face and the toy underwater.

Make it more challenging by not letting them use their hands.


Get one toy for every swimmer.

Have the swimmer smile as big as the toy.

Have the swimmer hold the toy to their face while maintaining the smile. As if it was a mask.

Swimmer then leans forward, keeping the toy pressed to their face and pushes it underwater. The buoyancy of the float will make it difficult. The game is to continue smiling while holding the toy underwater with your face.


This game is excellent for beginners and level one who are learning how to go underwater. You can do it with more advanced swimmers and make it challenging by not letting them use their hands to hold the toy to their face.

We would play this game in Level 1 as a challenge and can easily fit into the challenge structure.

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