Swimming Game – Spray Dance Streamline


Group activity, physical movements

Core Skill:

Learning swim terminology, practicing on land, following directions


Spray Dance Streamline


The instructor leads the activity by introducing the directions and then demonstrating the pretend play and movements.

It is super important that the instructor Demonstrates and participates in this activity. They must set the tone. to encourage their young swimmers to participate as well.

Underneath a spray sprinkler. spin and close your eyes trying to get the spray to land on your face. While you do twirl your hands around you in airplane position. Next, move your hands into position 11 with your palms facing upwards. attempt to block the spray. fine. lock your thumb. Squeeze your ears with your elbows. Into a streamline position and continue spinning, trying to keep the water out of your face.


This game is primarily for guppies classes using a spray or splash ground. The intention is to spin or dance underneath. a spray feature while doing swimming-specific skills like airplane, position 11, and streamline. you can do different positions under different spray features, and move between them throughout the activity. N

Add your own poses. like doing front crawl arms or back crawl arms.


Guppies, toddlers, ages 2 -4.

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