Swimming Game – Superhero Glides


Superhero Glides

Core skill

Gliding on the front and back


The instructor stands in the water near the wall and holds a superhero toy or picture. The swimmer stands on the bench and waits for the instructor to show the superhero. The swimmer then leans into the swim instructor’s support and glides on their front or back, depending on the superhero.

For example, if the instructor shows Superman, the swimmer glides on their front with their arms stretched out. If the instructor shows Spider-Man, the swimmer glides on their back with their hands and feet moving like a spider would crawling up a wall. Have fun with it and do different types of glides based on different superheroes.

The swimmer then returns to the wall and gets ready for the next superhero. The game can be repeated with different superheroes or other characters.


A superhero toy or picture that floats or can be attached to a float. A superhero figure can be used and held in the swim instructor’s hands.


One instructor and one swimmer


  • The instructor needs to make sure the swimmer can see the superhero clearly before jumping in.
  • The swimmer needs to be comfortable with jumping into the water and gliding on their front and back.
  • The swimmer needs to be able to control their speed and direction while gliding.

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