Thanksgiving week Minnows 11/25/2019

Dryland Activities:

Question of the Day: What is Coach Jeff’s Favorite Thanksgiving feast food?
Correct = 2 Gobble gobble pushups
Wrong = 2 Gobble gobble pushups and 2 Gobble gobble situps

Warmup in water:

100 IM Kick
2 x 25 position 11.

Review 3 things for Streamline before first 25.
1) Lock your thumb.
2) Squeeze your ears (back of head).
3) Look down (with your whole face).
Review 3 things for Position 11 before second 25:
1) Keep your arms straight.
2) Stay at the surface (even when you breathe).
3) Look down (with your whole face).

Split Up into 2 Groups

Group 1

3 x SL + 3 Gobble flap your wings like a turkey strokes

Group 2

3 x SL + 5 Mash your potatoes with your hands swim

Get back together in one group

Earn your feast!
2 x 25 FREE
2 x 25 BK
1 x 50 FREE K w/ FINS
1 x 50 BK K w/ FINS
2 x 25 FREE
2 x 25 BK
1 x 50 FREE K

True or False Game

Everyone gets out of the water. Line up with a fair amount of space between each person. Two feet’s toes on the edge.

“If I say something true, you jump in. If I say something false, do not jump in.

If you’re wrong, you’re out. Last one in wins. If everyone is out, I win.”

1st statement is easy and always true.
“This is a swimming pool.” or something similar.

Then ask swimming questions getting ever more specific.
“you must touch the wall with 2 hands on freestyle” – False. You don’t HAVE to.

Make statements about the coach that the swimmers would know.
“My name is…”
“I went to high school at…”
innocuous innocent facts that are appropriate for a child setting.

Q of the Day Answer: Pumpkin Pie!

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