SIP 060

SIP 060: How to run effective trainings

Summer is here with seasonal staff. Are you ready to train them well? The summer is almost upon us and you’re going to start running training classes for your summer and seasonal staff. Slap on the sunscreen, wear a floppy hat, and get those kids moving!   This is our guide to running effective training […]

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SIP 054

SIP 059: Planning at home swim lessons

An interview with Teresa Stewart of Safe Splashes Swim School in Arizona Safe Splashes Swim School in Arizona with Teresa Stewart Teresa has been teaching swim lessons most of her life. She uniquely finished her lesson program while young and they made her a co-teacher to give her something to do while at lessons. […]

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SIP 058 Artwork

SIP 058: The One Thing

How to be a better coach or instructor Episode 057 with Meighan Julbert: “Focus on the 2-3 things totally essential for swimmer’s success.”   Episode 055 with Karis Mount: “My coaches focused on the one thing that would make me improve. We were focused.” Episode 054 with Jennifer Butler: “When giving feedback, focus on the […]

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SIP 057 Artwork

SIP 057: ‘Failure’ to succeed and parent education

An interview with Meighan Julbert, MS from The MindSide Meighan Julbert is a Mental Skills Consultant for The MindSide who brings a passion for understanding how to gain competitive advantages as part of early athletic experiences, through proper structure and coaching of athletes. As a former competitive athlete, Meighan understands the need for proper mental […]

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SIP 056 Artwork

SIP 056: Challenges in Swim Lessons

How to increase learning and interest in your classes Are you in a rut? Have you taught the same lessons over and over for years? They work, they’re great, and they’re interesting for the kids, but how can you amuse yourself and your students without disrupting the flow of your tried and true lesson plans? […]

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Swim Team - Illusion of Choice

Swim Team – Letting swimmers choose

How to give your swimmers the “illusion of choice”   I’ll begin with a story, because people like stories, and the substance of this article will generally be about what we do in our program and how that can serve as a model for others to use. If you didn’t know, I’m the Head Developmental […]

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Adjusting a game – Bake a Cake

About 40 minutes ago I got out of the water and gave ‘hi-fives’ to the kids from my class, and said, “Well done today, come back next week.” It was not the easiest class. They were all the same “level” in what we call level 2, but they were very new to swimming, and reluctant […]

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Swim lesson update

Swim Lesson Update

We had swim lessons yesterday and I wanted to give you an opportunity to learn from good ideas and some mistakes. In reading this you will learn about how we set up a weekday swim lesson that is open to 5-year-olds and older that can go underwater. The goal of this class is to introduce […]

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SIP 055 artwork

SIP 055: “The one thing,” the Breaststroke kick chair, and games – An interview with Karis Mount

Everyone has a unique story to tell about their time teaching or participating in swimming. There are lessons to learn from both participants talking about what they went through as swimmers, and stories to remember from people talking about their time teaching. We all have useful and shareable tidbits that others may benefit from. You […]

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SIP 054 Artwork

SIP 054: Merging preschool teaching with swim lessons – An interview with Jennifer Butler

Swim instruction is teaching Jennifer Butler of Roots Aquatics is awesome. She is an experienced preschool teacher, swimming veteran, and expert swim instructor. Jenn is the Aquatic Coordinator at Roots Aquatics and Fitness Center where she trains lifeguards and swim instructors, teaches lessons, does the schedule, and writes a staff only blog. This summer she’ll […]

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SIP 053

SIP 053: Calling podcast Guests

Are you ready to share your story?   You can join the podcast as a guest by submitting a form here:   Qualifications: Swimming experience Currently teaching or running swim lessons Swim Coach Involved in swim lesson management or administration   We want to hear your story. What unique things do you do in your […]

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Are Make-up classes Good, or Bad-

Make-up Classes: Good or Bad

Do you offer make-up classes? Whether you do or not, I’m certain that you’ve heard about them. It is a relatively controversial thing in the swim lesson community. Some people hate them, others tolerate them, and some embrace the concept. Where do you fall? Let us know on twitter: Make-ups are not good for anyone […]

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Balancing Discipline and Fun

Finding a balance between fun and discipline

You have taught swim lessons to young kids before, and you’ve likely tried to teach your new swim instructor staff how to strike a balance between fun and learning. But how much time have you spent thinking about how to balance the two in your own classes? Have you considered teaching someone else to instinctively […]

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Is American Red Cross Level 1

Are your ARC lessons efficient?

The most popular swim lesson program is the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim. I grew up teaching them, and was even certified as a Water Safety Instructor, ARC’s version for advanced swim instructor training. I remember feeling so official, so empowered and enthusiastic about finally being able to “sign the cards.” And then I filled out […]

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Level 4 feature

Level 4

Swimming Ideas: Level 4 Distance, Competitive, IM Minimum Ages: 3 years old, though typically 5-8 At this point, in level 4, participants need to be comfortable moving in the water independently. They should be able to swim front crawl with breathing to the side for at least five to ten body lengths without stopping. Generally, it […]

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Level 3 feature

Level 3

Swimming Ideas: Level 3 Breathing, Breaststroke, Fly   Minimum Ages: 3 years old, though typically 4-5 Participants in level 3 should be comfortable going underwater on their own, gliding through the water on their front and back without support, and understand the concept of using their arms and feet to provide propulsion, or forward movement through […]

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Level 2 Feature

Level 2

Swimming Ideas: Level 2 Streamlines, and the Crawls   Minimum Ages: 3 years old. Participants should be able to stand on their own, understand language, and have control of their limbs, and ability to follow directions. Swimmer must be able to go underwater repeatedly on their own, and be comfortable doing things with the instructor. Quick […]

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Level 1 feature

Level 1

Swimming Ideas: Level 1 Going underwater, and Support Minimum Ages: 2.75 years or 3 years old. Participants should be able to stand on their own, understand language, and have control of their limbs, and ability to follow directions.   Quick Test Criteria: Does the swimmer go underwater on their own? Testable Skills Go underwater unassisted […]

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Swimming Game - Election

Swimming Game – Election

Category: Group Activity Core Skill: Swimming Knowledge / General Swimming Name: Election! We played this game on the fly on November 8th, the night of the american election. With the results in, and Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote by 3 million, and Trump seeming the next president, it highlights some of the interesting things about american […]

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