Lessons 1/16/2020

Activity 1:

Go from bench to bench.

This is an example video. It can be better by using the “rotation” method like circle swimming.

Streamline from above. Locked thumb, squeezed ears, looking down.

3 x SL + Free Kick

Dropdown underwater, then push off in streamline.
Grown into a streamline as you push with your legs.

Activity 2:

6 x SL + 3 FREE

Strong freestyle kick throughout.
Focus on arms reaching to 11, head aiming straight down, and power with each stroke.

If possible NO breath.


Challenge –

Spin in a circle with your whole head above water without touching the ground. Do it again 2x. Do it again without using your hands! and again with 10 toes above the water.

Activity 1:

6 x Back Glide

Begin underwater. Lay on back, hands on head, grow into streamline. Push off in straight line.
– Turn Around
– Tilt your head back
– Push off on the surface
– Kick in soldier.

Activity 2:

Turn your head to the side, chin above shoulder

Only move the head. Get in habit of looking to the side, then forward without lifting head.

Stand in shallow enough water so your back and head are flat at the surface.

Do no go so deep feet float away from the floor.

Stand comfortably with face in the water.

Best is to have the head aiming directly at the bottom of the pool.

Twist the head to the side.

Breathe in, and immediately rotate head down again. Avoid any motion with the back or neck to lift head up.

Keep 1 eye in water and corner of lips.

Inhale one deep breath, aiming face to the side. Keep feet planted on the ground.

Twist face down to aim back at the floor. Avoid lifting the head or back.


Challenge – Flips

3 x Front flips

3 x Back flips, in a ball, like picture.

Super challenge: do 2 front flips in less than 5 seconds.

Super Duper Challenge: Do 5 flips in less than 10 seconds. With breathing.

Activity 1:

3 x SL + 5 FREE + 1 breath

Strong freestyle kick throughout.
Focus on arms reaching to 11, head aiming straight down, and power with each stroke.

Must breathe 1 time on stroke 2, 3, or 4. No breathing on 1 or 5, or before the flip after the strokes.

Activity 2:

25 FREE Kick with board.
Do 3 jumps off the wall into the water with instructor assistance.
25 Back Kick with board.


Get sinking toys off the bench, or the floor but only using 1 arm to move.

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