Min / Sharks #3

1 x 100 IM Kick
2 x 50: Kick on your side; always looking at Lifeguards
1 x 50 Position 11; tell coach all 3 things to SL and 11 before you go.

Question of the Day:
What is best for good swimming?
a) strong arms. b) straight, long body. c) crazy fast kicking
Correct: 50 CH
Wrong: 50 BK Kick in soldier.

3 x {
3 x to 1/2 way and back to the wall: 8 Kicks in position 1 on your belly, then 8 kicks in position 1 on your back; switch arms.
1 x 50 FREE
1 x 50 FLY Kick
1 x Challenge

Challenge #1:
Kick on your side with your bottom arm next to your hip, and your top arm in position 1.
BONUS: stay completely underwater but with your top elbow and hip touching the surface.

Challenge #2:
Float on your belly at the yellow in star position. Pull everything into a ball and do a front flip without using your arms (wrap them around your knees).

Challenge #3:
With a streamline and only 3 FLY kicks get past the lifeguard or 1/2 way.

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