Min / Sharks Week of 4/12/2021 #1

1 x 100 IM Kick
1 x 100 FREE kick w/ FINS and kickboard
1 x 50 Position with FINS; tell coach all 3 things to SL and 11 before you go.

Question of the Day:
Breaststroke has four key pieces: Arms, Breath, Kick and ….
Correct: Push off the wall and glide as far as you can; NOT on your belly.
Wrong: 50 BK w/ FINS

3 x {
1 x 100 BK K with FINS; in soldier. Touch the wall with your hand, roll to your belly, attempt a flip turn.
1 x 50 FREE; breath every 3 strokes.
3 x SL + 2 FLY
1 x Challenge

Challenge #1:
Glide on your back off the wall, in soldier. At the yellow turn and come back to the wall, no flips, no stopping your soldier.

Challenge #2:
Stand on the “T” mark. Jump off the bottom and do a handstand, on the T mark. Stand up again, landing on the T mark.
BONUS: do a flip after the handstand.

Challenge #3:
On your side, underwater, put one foot at the surface on the wall, and the second foot near the bottom, on the wall. Hold for 3 seconds.

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