Minnows 10/28/2021

1 x 100 IM KICK
1 x 50: Vampire Bat Attack!
1 x 50 Zombie Position 11
review all 3 things to SL and 11 before going.

Question of the Day:
If a Vampire Bat bites you, when do you become a vampire?
Correct: Outrun the vampiric strain with a vigorous 50 FREE KICK w/ FINS w/ Board
Wrong: Collapse into illness and sink to the bottom like in a coffin. Become a Vampire.

2 x {
Cure Seekers:
5 x SL + Practice Cave diving for a cure
5 x SL + Practice Biting and Drinking blood

4 x 25:
Search the underground cave lake for cure trinkets.
Position 11 w/ FINS on surface and bottom.
Bite and Drink blood of the unsuspecting (kickboards)
FREE w/ FINS (bite at least 1 kickboard each 25)

1 x 100: BK Kick w/ FINS
Seekers: with board, study the trinkets without falling underwater.
Vampires: Coffin kick.

Cured? Or Evolved into Vampire Royalty?
– 2 or more in lane Seekers: cured
– 2 or more Vamps in lane: Royalty.

Races to see who is cured or turned.
Goals: Vamps turn all swimmers to vamps.
Goals: Seekers Cure all vampires.

Winner of the race converts the other.


Challenge #1:

Challenge #2:

3 x Angry Pumpkin Float + Flip

Push off the wall like an angry pumpkin, scowling, howling, and cringing with unhappiness your insides were scooped out.

At the yellow, or ~ 3 body lengths away take out your unhappiness by flipping 2x if possible without hands or feet.

3 x SL + 2 Bat Wing Flaps

Kinda like butterfly, but sweep your arms like a bat flapping its wings. Fangs and biting optional (fake bites).

Normal streamline, flap arms at sides like fluttering to fly as a bat.

Swoop to the ground near flags and attack your prey!

Challenge #3:

3 x SL + 3 Skeleton BK

You’re all bones! Have someone move your arms for you.

Drag a friend in SL, then do 3 BK strokes for them.

They have no muscles to move on their own!

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