Minnows 11/10/2021

1 x 100 IM KICK
1 x 50: FREE Drill: Fists
1 x 50: Backstroke
2 x 25 Position 11; together.
review all 3 things to SL and 11 before going.

Question of the Day:
What habit does Coach Jeff want you to learn, the most?
Correct: Do 1 Streamline that turns into a flip
Wrong: 3 x SL

1 x {

5 x SL + 2x( 5 Kicks in 11 + 1 FR armstroke)

3 x 100: FREE Kor BK K w/ FINS
4 x 25: FREE; focus on position 11 arms.

3 x Challenge

Challenge #1:

With NO push off the wall, in position 11 move your body like FLY K and get to the flags.
MUST use the whole body (like an inch worm)

Push off the wall, underwater in Airplane; no kicking. Get to the flags.

Challenge: Log Push with Partners

Form a group of 3.

1 person lays horizontal across the lane on their back or belly.

Hands and toes should point perpendicular to the lane lines.

2 friends push the legs and shoulder to “push the log” to the flags.

Pushing people cannot go past the “T” mark.

Challenge #2:

Challenge #3:

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