Minnows 11/30/2021

1 x 100 IM KICK
1 x 50: Both arms at same time (double arm) BK DRILL
1 x 50: Finger Tip Drag Drill (FR) w/ FINS
2 x 25: Position 11 w/ FINS
review all 3 things to SL and 11 before going.

Question of the Day:
What stroke was invented first? BR or FLY?
Correct: Do a 25 BR and a 25 CH
Wrong: Do a 25 BR and a 25 FLY Kick

1 x {
5 x SL + 2x 11, Eat, 11

8 x 50 on 2:00: FLY Kick / FREE x 25

#’s 6+ 7 w/ FINS


Challenge #1:

Challenge – Back on the bottom, 2 feet on the wall

Lay down on the bottom of the pool with your back, shoulders and hips touching the floor.

At the same time, but two feet on the wall.

Hold it for 2 seconds.

In a back float, start with two feet flat against the wall, on the surface. Do 3 double arm BK strokes NO KICK, and turn it into a Back flip (in a ball) at the flags.

Challenge –

Flip 1st, then streamline on back to the flags underwater without breaking the surface

Challenge #2:

Challenge #3:

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