Minnows 11/4/2021

1 x 100 IM KICK
1 x 50: FREE Drill: Fingertip Drag
1 x 50 Position 11
review all 3 things to SL and 11 before going.

Question of the Day:
Drills are doing something different or wrong to make a stroke better. Name a drill that isn’t “Fingertip Drag”
Correct: Do that drill to 1/2 way and back
Wrong: 1 x 100 FREE Kick w/ FINS w/ board

2 x {
1 x 200 FREE Kick w/ FINS w/ Board

2 x 100 BK Kick w/ FINS

2 x 25 FREE

5 x SL on back, on surface, to the flags.

1 x Challenge

Challenge #1:

Challenge – Back on the bottom, 2 feet on the wall

Lay down on the bottom of the pool with your back, shoulders and hips touching the floor.

At the same time, but two feet on the wall.

Hold it for 2 seconds.

Challenge #2:

Challenge –

Do a handstand with your legs together and toes pointed to the ceiling. Hold it for 2 seconds (or 3), then do a front flip where you land on your feet without otherwise touching the bottom.

Challenge #3:

Challenge – Streamline Launch

Form partners.

Other person pushes their feet to launch them forward in streamline.

The pushing person can’t go past the flags or the “T” mark. Set a distance that the streamliner needs to travel to pass the challenge, without falling out of streamline or kicking.

Pusher can use the wall to push. This is encouraged.

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