Minnows & Sharks 10/16/2020

1 x 100 IM KICK
1 x 50 Kick on your side
1 x 50 BK
1 x 50 Kick on your OTHER side
1 x 50 BK
1 x 50 Position 11: tell coach jeff all 3 for SL and 11.

Question of the Day:
What rotates when you do HLBw/R?
Correct: Spin as many times as you can with your head and both hands above water.
Wrong: HLBw/R to 1/2 way and back

4 x
3 x SL + 5 FREE + 1 Breath + Flip (front)
1 x 100 IM
1 x 50 BK K

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Justin Challenge: Handstand rewind
Push off the wall towards the T mark like you’re going to do a handstand, but don’t; instead push on the ground so you launch back at the wall and hit it with your feet.

Crawl like Spiderman along the lane line to the flags. BONUS: do it underwater.

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