Minnows & Sharks 9/30/2020


1 x 100 IM Kick
For the following, Minnows do a 50 of each instead of 100.
1 x 100 FREE
1 x 100 BK
1 x 100 BR K or FLY K or MIX of both
1 x 50 Position 11: tell coach jeff the three things to 11 and SL before you go.

Question of the Day:
How many weeks of swimming, 3 times a week, does it take to “get into shape?”
A) 1 week
B) 2 weeks
C) 3 weeks
D) 4 weeks

Roll the Dice, do what it says.
1: 1 x 100 BK K
2: 1 x 50 Kick (Free or BK)
3: 1 x 50 CH
4: 1 x 50 BK
5: 1 x 100 FREE
6: Challenge!

Float on stomach for 5 seconds. Turn it into a front flip without using your hands; tuck them into your hips. Do it 4 times if you can.

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