Practice 6/30/2020


1x 100 Free
1 x 100 CHOICE
2 x 50 KICK CH

Question of the Day:
Pushing off the wall with a gallon jug of milk in each hand is slows you down as doing what?

Set 1:

8 x 50: FREE / BK x 25
1 x 100: FLY K

Challenge –

Challenge – swim to 1/2 way with no breath and only 3 strokes

Freestyle, no kicking, or 3 breaststrokes.

Set 2:

8 x 50: FREE / BK x 25
1 x 100: BK K

Challenge –

3 x lay on bottom with belly button, nose, and 1 big toe touching bottom

Set 3:

8 x 50: FREE / BK x 25
1 x 100: BR K

Challenge –

Push off in Airplane, do 1/2 FLY stroke with 1 kick to get to Flags.

Push off in Airplane

From airplane move into 11 with a single FLY kick

Float until you get to the flags in position 11. If you can.

Set 4:

8 x 50: CHOICE
1 x 100: FREE K

Challenge – Make waves without breaking the surface

With both hands underwater, with open palms, push the water out and in as fast as you can, as close to the surface as you can so that you create giant waves between your face and the wall. See if you can get the water to splash over the edge of the pool without letting your hands go above the surface.

Set 5:

8 x 50: FLY / BR x 25
1 x 100: IM KICK


Challenge –

Do a handstand with your legs together and toes pointed to the ceiling. Hold it for 2 seconds (or 3), then do a front flip where you land on your feet without otherwise touching the bottom.

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