Swim Instructor Training: Rotation Method and Discussion

Set up your lane

1st person starts in the lane’s corner.

Everyone else lines up along the lane line.

#1 pushes off, does their activity, then moves over. Returns to the back of the line.

#2 can begin with the person ahead of them crosses the black line to the other side of the lane.

You can do anything when you return. Stay out of the way.

Set up your lane review.

First person goes in the right hand side of the lane. Everyone else lines up along the opposite side of the lane, near lane line. When the first person takes their turn, wait until they cross the center line, then second person takes their turn. Keep going until everyone has done their activity.

What are some benefits to the rotation method?

Is it okauy to not give feedback when a participant returns to the class location?

Can two participants go to the instructor at the same time? Cna you think of a safe way to accomplish this?

Keep Moving! Avoid being the Traffic Cop. Be the Feedback Director; Automate swimmer behavior. 75


In 20 seconds get people to follow lines on the floor exactly 5 yards apart and do 2 attempts.
Do it again, spend 20 seconds establishing routine, flow, order, then build on it.

Time On Task: 81

Do something!

Keep Talking

Wasted time


Running language and always talking. Can you give directions and give feedback for 1 full minute without pausing. Variation of the “Filibuster” challenge.


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