Swimming Game – Singing and Rolling


Singing and Rolling

Core Skill

Gliding independently, Side breathing for front crawl


Level 2 swimmers who can float and glide on their front and back with minimal support


A fun game that challenges swimmers to sing a song while gliding on their front and rolling their body or head to breathe


  • Swimmers should hold onto a floating support like a kickboard or a barbell
  • They should move from one bench to another bench or push off the wall a short distance to the instructor
  • While they do a front glide with their face in the water they should sing a song
  • At least twice, they should continue singing, turn their head to the side, or roll their body sideways and keep singing loud enough so that the other swimmers can hear
  • The other people in the class need to figure out what song they’re singing
  • They should choose Disney movie songs, popular children’s songs, or rhymes like “Row Row Row your boat”

Difficulties Instructors may face

  • Some swimmers may be shy or reluctant to sing in front of others
  • Some swimmers may not know the songs or have trouble remembering the lyrics
  • Some swimmers may find it hard to glide smoothly while singing and rolling
  • Some swimmers may swallow water or get water in their ears or nose while singing and rolling

To overcome these difficulties, instructors can:

  • Encourage swimmers to sing along with the instructor or a partner
  • Provide a list of songs or let swimmers choose their own songs
  • Demonstrate how to glide and roll properly and give feedback to swimmers
  • Remind swimmers to blow bubbles and use ear plugs or nose clips if needed

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