Swimming Game – Swim then Coach


Swim then Coach

Core Skill

Peer Coaching and Technical Execution


This challenge is tailored for swimmers at levels 3, 4, and those in developmental swim teams, aiming to enhance their technical execution and peer coaching skills.


The process unfolds as follows:

  1. Activity Assignment: The swim instructor or coach presents the group with a specific activity, such as “Perform five streamlines followed by five freestyle strokes, taking a side breath on strokes 2, 3, or 4, and finish with a flip turn after the fifth stroke.”
  2. Execution: Swimmers individually perform the activity in the water, focusing on the correct technique and sequence.
  3. Transition to Coaching: After completing their turn, each swimmer climbs out of the pool to take on the role of a coach for the next swimmer in line.
  4. Feedback Loop: The ‘coach’ provides feedback on the swimmer’s execution, highlighting areas of strength and suggesting improvements.
  5. Support for New Coaches: Instructors offer prompts and guidance to swimmers who are hesitant or unsure about giving feedback, ensuring they can at least say “good job” or similar positive reinforcement.
  6. Rotation: This cycle continues until every swimmer has had the opportunity to swim and coach.
  7. Creative Input: To add an element of fun, swimmers are encouraged to come up with their own challenges or modify the activity, fostering creativity and engagement.

Difficulties Participants Might Face

Participants may encounter challenges with memorizing the sequence, executing the technical aspects of the swim and flip turn, and providing constructive feedback if they are inexperienced in coaching.

How This Challenge Relates to Swim Instruction

This challenge reinforces swim instruction principles by:

  • Encouraging swimmers to think critically about technique and coaching.
  • Allowing swimmers to apply and reinforce the instructions they have received by teaching others.
  • Promoting a collaborative learning environment where swimmers actively engage in each other’s development.

By incorporating peer coaching into the training, swimmers not only refine their own skills but also develop a deeper understanding of swimming techniques through the act of teaching, embodying the adage that teaching is the best way to learn.

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