Swimming Game – Challenge: Guard Tube Raft


Guard Tube Raft

Core Skill

This challenge aims to improve the swimmers’ balance, core strength, teamwork, and fun.


This challenge is suitable for swimmers of any level who can sit on a lifeguard tube. It can be done with two or three swimmers per tube.


The swimmers are given a lifeguard tube and have to sit on it like they’re riding a horse (one leg on each long side of the tube). They have to stay upright for 10 seconds without toppling over or holding onto the wall, a lane line, or a bench.


  • The instructor provides each group of swimmers with a lifeguard tube and assigns them a spot in the pool.
  • The instructor explains the rules and the objective of the challenge to the swimmers.
  • The instructor starts the challenge and keeps track of the time and the performance of the swimmers.
  • The swimmers try to sit on the tube as instructed and balance themselves for 10 seconds.
  • The instructor gives feedback and encouragement to the swimmers and awards them points based on their performance.
  • The instructor can also offer bonus points for the following:
    • If the swimmers can all get on the tube without using their hands touching the tube, or without using their arms to touch the tube.
    • If all swimmers can sit on the tube side saddle, or with both legs on one side of the tube.

Difficulties instructors might face

Some possible difficulties that instructors might face while conducting this challenge are:

  • The swimmers might have trouble getting on or staying on the tube, and might fall off or lose balance.
  • The swimmers might have difficulty cooperating with their teammates, especially if they have different levels of skill or confidence.
  • The swimmers might get frustrated or discouraged by the challenge, and might need more support or motivation.

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