Swimming Game – Streamline Hop


Personal Challenge

Core Skill:

Streamline and going underwater


Streamline Hop


At the beginning of a swim team practice when all the new developmental swimmers are sitting or standing behind the lanes we have an opportunity to do a fun activity to get them warmed up, in the pool and moving right away.

Have one person demonstrate first.

Jump in feet first. Immediately go underwater and bundle your legs so that your whole body goes underwater. Like doing the grow into a sprout activity, put your hands on your head and jump off the bottom to launch yourself up into streamline.

GOAL! Get your belly button over the surface with each jump.

With each jump, hop yourself forward until you get to the flags. After the flags, you can start swimming your first distance swim; 25 free, or 100 IM kick, or whatever you do first at the beginning of practice to warmup.


This is an excellent game to start moving and getting in the water right away. It is fairly simple, and even beginners can particpate. Give feedback on good streamline; lock thumb, squeezed ears, looking ahead. It is also more fun than just jumping in and swimming right awy.


Level 3, 4, and swim team swimmers.

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